In many places, when people get bored, they read books, play video games, or build match houses. Well, We do the same things here on BCI, but we also do one other thing in our spare time. We go out and feed the bats our leftover mealworms.

So, I forget what species of bats these are. I believe their common name is 'fisher bats', but I could also be mistaken about that. Maybe someone can reinform me of the more scientific details.

These bats can 'see' a worm on the surface of water using their echo location calls. To me, it's amazing that an animal can find an exact point on the surface of the water using only sound! Then they can swoop down and grab it in one quick, precise motion.

When they go to grab small insects and such from the surface of the water, they have a webbing between their two feet that acts as sort of a scoop. In the above picture, you can see the bat raising the pouch to it's mouth to retrieve it's take.

©2005 TonyB