TonyB's Match House

I've always wanted to do it, and now I am... I'm building a house whose sole purpose is to be burned. For a pyro, this is about as good as it gets. The only materials to be used in this house are matches, glue (hot melt and a small amount of wood glue where strength is needed), and a thin plywood base to build it on.

The walls are made of wooden matches glued together to form horizontal panels. These panels are then hot glued to studs, which are made from wooden grill matches. The completed house is to be two stories, with a slant roof (probably going to be 6/12 slope). A hollow chimney will also protrude through the roof, serving ventilation to the 'fireplace' below.

To make the house a little more aesthetically pleasing (and to add fire load), a floor has been glued down over the plywood. Hopefully, this will hide the fact that any plywood is there. I didn't want to use any material other than the matches and glue, but the plywood was necessary to provide a sturdy base as the house was moved around often during construction (it's storage place was in my kitchen next to my stove... yes, I do have a smoke detector). I think if it could be left in the same place all through construction, the plywood base would be unnecessary.

Finally, I get to start working on the second floor. My plans for this house keep changing, generally adding more work. I've now decided that I want to put a stairway in from the first to second floors. I will probably stick to something simple, although a spiral staircase sounds tempting.

Started to run low on grill matches. These things are rather hard to find now days. Note the single beam holding the second floor, and the complete lack of studs across the front wall.

Sometime I want to cut out a door and windows. Need to borrow someone's Dremel tool... sooner is probably better than later.