View from Above
By Zachary Danielson

The following is based on a true story. However, some names have been omitted, and descriptions kept vague to enhance the imagination. -TonyB

As we are driving around the corner, I have a feeling that my life will end tonight. Somehow, I am not afraid. I know that I have been given all the training that I need. The masters have mentally and physically prepared me for the task ahead. I cannot help but think back on how my entire world came to where I am now. I remember it was that day in November that brought me to where I am today.

My parents never liked me. They made me sit in my room. They ignored me. Almost all of my other brothers were taken from the room. To be chosen was the best thing in the world. Those who were chosen never returned to that cold, dark, damp place. I had a bed of my own that I seldom left. My brothers always fought over whom was to get the belongings of those who had been chosen. I never argued because I had everything that I needed to survive. I was finally getting used to my surroundings when my entire life changed.

On day, my father came into the room with an unknown man. He was 6'2, 250 pounds, muscular. He was the epitome of the perfect being. My father told him it was time for me and my brothers to be taken out. We were no longer good. Do you know what it is like to have your father tell you that you are no good? I was heart broken. My world came crashing down on us. But as they say, when God closes a door, he opens a window. The unknown man told father that he has a good use for me. He said that we were perfect for the Black Knight. It was obvious that the Black Knight was a secret mission.

We were removed from our room and made to sleep outside. I knew that my training had begun that night. On day, two other men came to talk to the mysterious man. They were 6'2 and 6'4. Both were about 260 pounds and not a drop of fat on them. It was all muscle. The three began to talk about the Black Knight and us. It was that moment that they became known as the Masters. They began our training that day. We slept outside in the first few weeks of December. Not only were we under great physical pain and stress, but the masters were preparing our minds. Any one of those three could outsmart our entire unit. When the three of them were together, they were invincible. By our training, I knew that we were on a very dangerous mission. One night, I woke up to a loud noise. I looked out of the window to see what it was. What I saw was the Black Knight. It was an experimental way of getting troops to the battlefield. It was also very dangerous. It launched the soldier with no type of protection from physical harm. The masters seemed worried about something on the machine. They were talking about the possibility of tumbling in midair. If this happened, it would be near impossible for the soldier to land without death. We trained for about two more weeks. Then one night, the masters got together to plan the attack. Our target was to the west in the middle of nowhere. I overheard that we were going to take a tank called the Beast out to the battle. Once we are in front of the target, our mission would begin. Some of us the masters would sneak in by foot themselves to give them their orders on sight. Others would be sent in by the Black Knight. Once the first group was in position, they would begin launching the second group into the battle. The masters would return to base in the Beast and any soldier that survived would come home to the base. The masters acted like they expected 100% causality rate. When I heard this, I was worried. I was not prepared to die. But if the bell rings, you have to go.

One night, late into the evening, the Masters prepared for battle. They collected their gear and we collected ours. The masters took us to the Beast and began to go to the target. While in route, we were officially briefed on the mission. The way the masters talked, you would have expected this to almost be a game to them. But all of that changed when we came into the enemy territory. They drove by the target two times to make sure that everything was the way it was supposed to be. At the beginning of the third time, they stopped far from the target. The Masters then got out of the Beast. They then began the selection process to decide who would be infiltrated and whom they will launch into battle, or death.

At the time, I did not know which would be better for me. But I just closed my eyes and wondered what would happen. When I open my eyes, the Masters were gone. I could barely see them as they breached the enemy line. About twenty minutes later, the Masters returned. They got in the Beast and started it up.

As we come around the corner, I have a feeling that my life will end tonight. Somehow, I am not afraid. I know that I have been given all the training that I need. The masters have mentally and physically prepared me for the task ahead. I am now in the back of the tank preparing for my "ride." We approach the target, and one of my brothers is launched. I then became terribly afraid. You can see him tumbling in the air. The sound of him hitting the ground frightened me. My life has been spared, for now. Since they feel that it is safe, the masters are turning around for one final trooper. That is I.

We are returning to the launch site. My gut begins to turn in every which way. I am loaded into the Black Knight. My weapons are drawn. I am launched and the thing that I most feared is happening. I begin to tumble in the air. I fire all of my ammo before I hit the ground. I do not even know if I have hit anything. As I turn, I can see the ground getting closer to me. I prepare for the impact the best way that I can. I yell as loud as I can. It does me no good. The ground slams into to me like a ton of bricks. I feel lots of pain, but there is nothing I can do about it. I just hope that everything I did in my life was correct. I hope that I lived my life the best that I could. As everything turns dark, I know that the life of this cup of yogurt was eventful and exciting.

The Masters, Zach and Tony2, members of Nerds, Inc.

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Master Borries and "The Beast"